Is Internet Explorer dead? It seems that Microsoft is moving towards pulling the plug on their browser.

Microsoft plans to launch an all-new default browser with Windows 10 that will compete with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The new browser will not be dubbed Internet Explorer 12. Currently, Microsoft execs are calling it the Spartan Browser. This will mark a departure from the names being pulled from the popular Halo video game franchise.

Microsoft has been struggling with the decline in popularity of Internet Explorer since the release of Mozilla Firefox in 2002. While it’s been a default browser on every Windows versions to date, users have utilized it for only one purpose and that was to attack Microsoft with jokes.

One such joke was the following:
IE is dead

Microsoft plans to unveil its plans for the new browser as well as Windows 10 on January 21. It is speculated that Spartan will look very different. Unlike IE11, it will also look like a cross between its competitors with tabs on the top running left to right and the URL bar beneath them. According to Neowin, it will support plugins, just like Chrome and Firefox do, so you may be able to block ads, clear the cache or cookies with only a click or two of a button.

In a nutshell, we believe this announcement is overdue. Internet Explorer doesn’t even support extensions, which is a bit shocking when you look at other internet browsers on the market today. Either a massive overhaul or a clean slate was eventually needed, which is what is happening. Now, of course, it’s just a question of getting people to like it and use it. Once you’re addicted to one browser, it’s difficult to make the switch.

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