Facebook-Adds-Call-Now-Button-for-Businesses-AdsOver a year ago Facebook introduced Carousel link ads for Facebook advertisers. This Carousel format enables businesses to display up to five images at a time and include custom links and ad descriptions. Each image has its own image, description and click target. These Carousel link ads work on both desktop and mobile News Feeds.

Last week, the social media platform extended its Carousel link ads to Mobile App Ads. Mobile App developers can now promote their apps in the Carousel format. According to Facebook, since the social media platform introduced the carousel format last year, “advertisers have seen carousel link ads at a 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion and 20-25% lower cost-per-click than single-image link ads”.

Facebook Ads for Local Businesses: Call Now & Get Directions Buttons

In addition, Facebook introduced a new feature in Local Awareness Ads: a “Call Now” button and a “Get Directions” button. When Facebook users click on the “Call Now” button, their phones will automatically dial the phone number. When people click on the “Get Directions” button, they will be guided to a location directly from their smartphone devices.

The key benefit of Local Awareness advertising is that your campaign will reach the right audience. It will allow hyper-local targeting of potential customers, whether they are located within walking distance or a few miles away from your local store.

Facebook Advertising and Its Benefits

Nowadays it is not enough to have only a website for your company, you need a solid social media presence to reach your target audience. With over 1.44 billion users worldwide, Facebook is the number one platform to grow your online community.

Facebook offers many options for advertising. There are different reasons why social media marketers should spend money on Facebook advertising. Facebook Ads can drive traffic and leads to your website and help promote events and products. Facebook Ads can also help increase likes and engagement on your Facebook Business page. Mobile App developers can use Facebook Ads to promote their apps and drive app installs.

The following are the TOP 5 benefits of using Facebook Ads for your business:
1. Target audience by interests, location, age, language, behavior, and more
2. You can preview your ads before activating them, so you have the ability to make necessary changes and do A/B testing
3. You can reach your audience on mobile devices
4. Facebook provides campaign Analytics
5. Track website conversions through conversion pixels

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