niantic-projectRecently Google announced its “Niantic Project,” a mysterious project that they are keeping secret and we have no details about. We don’t know how long Google will keep its mysterious project secret, but we do know it’s sitting on a barge in San Francisco Bay. We also know that Google is requiring U.S. government officials to sign confidentiality agreements.

The barge is moored in the area of the former military base off the Bay Bridge on Treasure Island. The barge is stacked several stories high with multiple white containers. At the top it is possible to see something that looks like antennas. As the structure is half covered in scaffolding, it has motivated intense speculation in the Bay area since it has appeared late last week.

Although Google is refusing even to acknowledge their affiliations with the vessel, a lot of rumors are emerging. Technology website CNET theorized that the vessel might be a floating data centre that will house banks of computers. Local TV station KPIX said the barge is intended to serve as a floating retail store for Google’s “Glass” wearable computer device, but its appearance doesn’t suggest that; , at least until now.

One thing’s for sure…Google knows how to create hype and buzz! We’ll keep you posted.

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