Photo_DigitalMediaBelow are 9 digital media marketing tips related to implementing a social media marketing campaign in 2 parts. Part 1 focuses on the first 5 tips.

1. Focus on Connections, Not Sales

Social media channels should be used to connect you with your potential customers, not used for sales. What you want to do on your social media platform is spread information, communicate with your audience and create appeal for your business. Do not keep promoting your products or appear to be an ad. Make your social media channel interactive. Do not pitch to the audience.

2. Make It Helpful for your Audience

It is impossible to provide solutions that meet the needs of all of your clients independent of the industry your business is taking part in. Post useful tips with links or resources to other businesses that your clients will find helpful and worth reading.

3. Take Advantage of Social Media Features and Tools

As Facebook keeps changing its business page and advertising space, there are increasing amounts of opportunity for your business through the new tools and features. Get familiar with all of these tools and leverage them in accordance with your purpose for maximum benefits vis-à-vis your audience and your business.

4. Post More Relevant Information

People didn’t know what to post on social media sites at first and posted things no one cared about. Today, social media has grown and has radically changed its function and utility. It is no longer just a private place to make a free comment. You are expected to post more relevant and attractive information to your audience. Post information that will help them and inspire them.

5. Reflect on Analytics

It is crucial to be aware of what is working and what is not in order to implement an efficient and beneficial digital media marketing strategy. The analytics results of your posts provide valuable information. Learn to use these analytics tools or you will be spinning your wheels with your digital media marketing campaign.

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