Every digital marketing firm and search engine marketing company will remind you of the importance of having an online presence. They will discuss with you specific branding opportunities, logos, fonts, web layouts, content marketing opportunities and the like. But how many of these companies that you’ve spoken to will ever take a look at your offline presence and how it compares to your online marketing strategies?

Often times, you will enter a clothing store or restaurant and take note of the colors and the look and feel of the place. When you go back home and look the store/restaurant up on their internet you occasional notice the stark difference between the business’ offline and online branding models. Many consumers will even leave your website mistakenly because they think that they’ve entered the wrong site. This works vice versa as well in that people will leave if they feel that the atmosphere in store does not match the one online.

So how do you ensure that everything stays consistent and that your customers aren’t leaving because they are having a hard time recognizing you online and offline marketing strategies?

consistency is the key

1. One company should have one logo

Your company logo is a graphical icon that serves to identify you and your business wherever consumers go. Having a different logo offline than you have online causes a mental disconnect for prospective clients and could lead to lose in sales.

2. One consistent style guide

The way you present your offline marketing collateral is the way you should be styling your online material. It’s very important to have one consistent style guide that covers all aspects of your business. Take a look at RBC Royal Bank; their website, print collateral, and even the in-store bank designs all have a consistent style guide. So no matter whether the client is banking online or meeting a teller in person, it’s the same feeling.

3. Consistent services

This happens a lot with online clothing and product stores. A person will go into a store at a mall, find something they like but want to order it later. They then go online to order the product but the business does not offer that product in their online store, causing the client to feel not appreciated and leave.


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