instagram-logoInstagram, an app famous for photo-sharing, has recently added videos and other supportive features to its newest version. This new update has been considered a critical strategy by many social media experts.

Some believe it just points out more online advertising opportunities in the future. While others think this has been one of the worst decisions ever made in the world of social media.

Regardless of this, with the new Instagram, you are now able to delete snippets to re-record and also switch between the front and rear cameras. Supporting 13 custom filters just for videos, these new features are already available for iOS and Android at no cost to users.

Facebook bought Instagram last year for $ 1 billion and likely designed the new update in order to compete with Twitter’s Vine. Functioning similarly to this, the new Instagram’s video-uploading service is less limited, allowing 15-second videos.

Some people believe the new update has to do with online advertising or another one of Facebook’s social media marketing strategy services. The 15 second duration was probably driven by the unannounced but highly anticipated Facebook video ads.

If confirmed, this would be a great opportunity for advertisers. An integration of Facebook and Instagram could increase the chances of boosting online advertising. As well as create new tools for a social media marketing strategy.

Since its creation, Instagram has not been known for its social media marketing value, but it is certainly capable of strengthening Facebook’s online advertising potential.  Many have argued that videos on Instagram will make the app lose its unique nature and consequently its users. These new features have been accepted and 5 million videos were uploaded within 24 hours of launch. In other words, the new Instagram update seems to be successful in its mission so far.

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