Organic Facebook Reach Falls Causing Concern Among Social Media Marketers

Organic Facebook Reach Falls Causing Concern Among Social Media Marketers

Unless you pay for it, it will be hard for your brand’s message to reach a large number of people on Facebook.

A couple of years ago, Facebook page posts would reach 16% of a brand’s fans organically. As of February this year, an analysis done by Ogilvy & Mather found that the reach has fallen to 6%.
The surplus of content and not enough space has forced Facebook into the role of the
“villain” for filtering the feed in an attempt to show the most relevant posts and ads of course.

The following graph by Ogilvy & Mather maps the decline of Organic Reach of published content on Facebook pages:

Organic Reach Facebook

Facebook has not really communicated how and why it filters the News Feed. The result is widely shared criticism like Eat24’s breakup letter to the social network that saw the company delete its 70,000-Like Facebook Page in objection to fewer and fewer of its fans seeing its posts.

Edge Rank

Edge Rank is an algorithm that determines what’s shown on Facebook’s news feeds.


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EdgeRank is important as Facebook both commercializes and attempts to retain its authority in the social world. EdgeRank is a metric of how much Facebook believes your fans would be interested in your post. Give them a reason to care. EdgeRank rewards interactions, but you can use it to figure out how to generate conversations with your fans as well.


Solution – Facebook Groups

As organic reach for the Facebook pages of companies continues to diminish, organizations and Facebook page managers should instead consider creating and managing Facebook Groups. The advantage is that members can opt in to receive direct notifications about updates.

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