The twittersverse is a place in which mistakes are frequently and hilariously made, largely on the part of huge corporations who just don’t pay attention, which makes it even more awesome.

Last weeks, New England Patriots’ social media campaign reached a 1 million follower milestone on their twitter feed when they tweeted a digital Patriots jersey with the twitter handle of each fan on the back. The thing is, social media is comprised of a large sum of idiots, and some of those idiots have racial slurs in their twitter names, and when large corporations do not factor in these idiots, something like this happens:

patriots tweet

Lets just take this in for a moment, “IHATE*****SS on the back of a jersey, with a thank you note, from the Patriots. This is just too good, you couldn’t script this. The Patriots apologized for the “Regrettable” tweet citing a system failure but this is still a major social media faux pas. Companies who have chosen to take a less traditional approach to marketing, including the Patriots PR team take for granted that those who use their interfaces are as nondescript as customers who buy tickets to their games or walk in their stores. This is a cautionary tale for any business trying to make it on social media. Even though reaching a customer base is important, it is important to remember that that same customer base has the ability to express opinions and reach right back, sometimes to the detriment of your brand.

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