The latest development of Tactus Technology has taken the touchscreen technology to the next level. New tactile user interface that makes buttons rise-up and recede from the surface on demand will lead to the next generation real life experience.

Tactus Technology is a venture innovation technology company founded in 2008. Since its inception, Tactus has been improving a patent-pending tactile user interface technology while searching for a variety of fields where the innovative solution can be applied;From mobile devices to gaming consoles and automotive industries, it can be integrated into any device providing  users with  dynamic physical buttons that appear on the screen.

New technology will resolve some of the issues that smartphone and tablet  users currently face with their touchscreens.  Nowadays, users who own handheld gadgets with flat touchscreen have to double check to ensure that the correct buttons were pressed. Physical buttons that appear on the screen will help increase typing accuracy. The tactile user interface technology will also correct  the oversensitivity of a touchscreen that often frustrates users as their device reacts with just a light touch.

This new technology will give users the best of both worlds: The simplicity and convenience of a flat touchscreen with the accuracy of a physical keypad when needed.

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