what-brands-can-learn-from-taco-bell-s-social-media-lawsuit-defense-4532e4e891Many a worker has lost his job because of the inappropriate use of social media. A Taco Bell employee was fired after posting a picture on Facebook in which he licks a stack of empty taco shells. The picture has since gone viral and caused problems for the fast food chain that has a powerful Social Media Marketing strategy.

With more than 10 million likes on its Facebook page and over 500,000 followers on Twitter, Taco Bell’s social media marketing team has been managing this problem, dedicating time and effort to clean up its own image after numerous complaints.

Taco Bell’s Social Media Marketing team is now facing a challenge related to its digital footprint and how it impacts virtual interactions in today’s world.

The risky nature of social media posts has created similar scenarios before and many other employees have lost their positions as a consequence of bad use of online communities. Last month, an Email delivery company fired two workers for a tweet in which one shouted that a co-worker was making sexual jokes during a conference. In the end, both ended up getting fired because of it.

Yet, a comment on Facebook about a student not receiving a free lunch lost a school bus driver his job in Alabama and a high school teacher was fired for a tweet about having drugs on school grounds in Aurora. The bottom line is that what Taco Bell has experienced and its repercussions to employees seem to be a new trend. Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool but must be used with care and caution.

As a lesson learnt, Taco Bell disabled the ability for people to post pictures on its Facebook fan page and hid all previous images and comments, since the picture in question was posted and massively shared on its official fan page.

Clearly rethinking their Social Media Marketing strategy, they must now seek to minimize the risk of being noticed for the wrong reasons.

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