New Pinterest Gendered Search FeaturePinterest Inc. hit the jackpot shortly after launch four years ago.

Unfortunately, the platform’s success with women has created a conundrum in the digital marketing world. The company has outsized its initial targets and has become the go-to place for discovery on the web. Unfortunately, many people, especially men, are staying away from the site because of the perception they have that it is a clubhouse for women.

To date, the male experience on Pinterest has been similar to visiting a women’s department store – boring! Male users spent 1.59 billion minutes on the site in December, 2014, while female users spent 4.94 billion minutes, according to a new study report released by comScore.

The social media platform is now trying to appeal to the male demographic by making its search results more gender neutral.

Here are a few ways you can make your Pinterest content more appealing to males:

  • Use images with universal appeal and images that are gender neutral;
  • Know what your audience is searching for on Pinterest and target that need;
  • Offer practical advice and solutions to everyday problems. Take a look at Men’s Health and how they structure their pins and boards;
  • Consider running a social media contest that would allow users to submit photos to get periodically pinned for the world to see.

Marketing to men on Pinterest is definitely different from marketing to women. However, with these tips and the introduction of gender neutral search, it may be easier than you think to gain momentum with your male audience.

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