People who don’t like that Search Engines like Google can keep track of every online move users make can use DuckDuckGo. It is a search engine that uses data from external sources like Wikipedia and Yelp to generate search results. DuckDuckGo does not have the negative reputation over alleged misuse of search results that Google does. According to a survey from the Pew Research Center shows that 90% of online users are concerned about online privacy. This means that a little-known search engine like DuckDuckGo might have an impact in over taking current major search engines amid growing privacy concerns.


The main difference is that DuckDuckGo shows the same desired search results people obtain from other Search Engines but without tailored search results that follow users on Google. DuckDuckGo can also be added as a search option in Firefox and Safari. Moreover, if you want to watch a YouTube video on DuckDuckGo, you will receive a YouTube Privacy Warning. Because users enter a Google related website users will be tracked. DuckDuckGo search results include images, music, videos, meanings, products, news and places. As many other sites, the company generates revenue though advertising and affiliate revenue (Amazon and eBay). Advertising appears in the form of sponsored links (similar to Google AdWords) and are syndicated through Yahoo!: “The advertising we syndicate through Yahoo! is part of the Yahoo-Microsoft search alliance. By default, when you sign up for a Bing Ads account, your ads should automatically enter rotation into all of Bing’s distribution channels including DuckDuckGo.”

Although DuckDuckGo is not currently as popular as other search engines, the U.S. based company has a unique value to offer to its users and has potential to impact the current search engine market share considerably over time.

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