Due to the successful event in November, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook decided to do to another Q&A event, this time in Menlo Park, California. This type of interaction with the public is valuable for Zuckerberg because it provides insight on the questions, thoughts and doubts regarding Facebook. It provides valuable information so that he and his team can improve the platform.

So, what did we learn about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg?


Will Facebook introduce the “dislike”-button?

Despite the wish of many users, Facebook will not introduce a “dislike” button. According to Zuckerberg, sharing dislikes would not be “valuable” for the internet community since people share they private life and no one should upset others by leaving a “dislike”. Nevertheless, the company is thinking about other buttons so that users can express more feelings in order to engage more personally and effectively with other users.

How does Facebook affect our social life?

Facebook is no “waste of time”- at least that is what Zuckerberg thinks. He considers social media important to care about contacts and relationships. Moreover, Facebook gives everyone a voice. People can share what they think, like or do not like. Hence, one can find a diversity of opinions and a variety of information on Facebook. Also considering the political sector, Facebook is important. Politicians use social media to deliver information without being affected by other media.

Facebook wants to ensure safety

Why do we have to give our real name on Facebook? There are two main reasons.
Firstly, they want to build a safe community. Nobody shall hide himself behind a nickname and be able to offend others anonymously.

Secondly, it is much easier to find people if you look for a new friend if he has his real name than just a fun name.

A lot of people are often upset since Facebook changes its privacy policy too frequently to keep up with. According to Zuckerberg, those regular updates are important and necessary. Especially in the last couple of years, there were a lot of changes. For example Facebook now owns more than one product; Whatsapp, Instagram and Co. belong now to their company. This implies that the terms and policies have to be adjusted in order to guarantee the user’s safety and privacy.

The “Social” Network: Facebook Supports Communities and Smaller Businesses

Facebook set itself the task to help smaller businesses to grow and reach a larger group of people. For Zuckerberg and his team one of their major responsibilities is to fight against economic disparity. They offer free pages so that upcoming businesses and companies can find new customers, reach the customers they already have and advertise their products. At the same time, customers can look for new pages and businesses in which they are interested. Zuckerberg encourages young entrepreneurs not to be afraid of making mistakes and focus on the good things that they achieve. Another very important business for the social media mogul is to support the communities of their headquarters. They want to be a supportive part of the community and do this in different ways.

Will “Graph Search” be available in other languages?

Also important for Mark Zuckerberg and his team is the further development of “graph search”. Graph search helps people to find old posts, friends and a lot more information. Currently, this system is only available in English but the company is still in the development process.

We Want More

Though the time was limited, the Q&A event offered the chance to get many questions answered about the biggest social media platform. Nevertheless, there are more topics users and social media managers want to know more about. The downfall of organic reach could be one aspect, since being “forced” to invest more money to advertise on Facebook means a big change in a company’s marketing strategy. Moreover, users are unhappy about how Facebook is treating their data and privacy. One of the latest studies caused outrage in the Facebook community: The platform manipulated posts in order to see how happy or unhappy posts affect the users. People are afraid now that Facebook manipulates not only posts but “attacks” their private lives. There is no doubt that more Q&A events would be helpful to get answers to important questions like these.

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