Shift RecyclingHave you ever heard about recycling computers? Recycling computers is becoming more common for environmental and economic reasons. The fact is that there are a lot of computers that are not being used and just sitting and piling dust in companies and homes. Recycling computers usually require one to pay for discarding the old computers and the bottom line is they just take up space by keeping them around. Why not consider just recycling your computers and make your life easier at no extra cost? This is what we propose at Shift Recycling. In Canada, it is said that approximately 26 million tons of waste are simply thrown away without recycling. There is also the added benefit that recycling computers brings to the environment.

Shift Recycling is one of the leading Computer Recycling companies in Toronto and the GTA. We were founded in 2010 specifically because we wanted to fight against the lack of computer recycling that was taking place in Toronto and the GTA. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most convenient and efficient way to recycle computers and electronics. What we do isn’t simply recycling computers and cell phones etc; we offer a clear assessment and logical solution to any computer or electronic recycling issue.

For business partners, Shift Recycling picks up unnecessary electronics for free depending on the quantity and your location. We also have a rebate service, which depends on the quality of your electronics. We will destroy all of your data in the process of recycling your computers. Shift Recycling also provides a Diversion Report. This is a detailed document outlining the degree of positive influence you have given to the environment.

For our individual clients, we have “drop off locations” in Toronto and Mississauga for old electronics. We also hold “Collection Events” where you can fundraise for a meaningful charity through the act of recycling computers and other types of electronics.

Leaving or scrapping old electronics creates a real problem for the environment. This is a point that should be considered whether you are just an individual with one old computer or a large corporation with hundreds of old computers to discard.

Shift Recycling services Toronto, Mississauga and the entire GTA for all of your computer and electronics recycling needs.

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