Rubicon Project (, an online advertising company located in the US, has beaten the  search engine giant Google in reach (a key online advertising metric designed for measuring the total number of unique visitors of an ad or commercial). According to comScore, the platform developed by Rubicon Project can  reach 212 million visitors or 96.2% of the entire US Online audience which is higher by 2.8% than Google Ad Network’s exposure. The ranking is due to the innovative platform and the increase in current customer base.

Rubicon Project and Its Innovative Online Advertising Technology Platform

The Rubicon Project’s platform called REVV connects publishers and ad buyers helping them to maximize their revenue. In particular, its real-time bidding system enables to browse all buyers on the Internet, select the most optimal ones, and, as a result, maximize revenue while eliminating ads related costs. REVV is the only independent online advertising technology platform (source:, with its inventory sources directly from publishers – not through intermediaries.

What are the advantages of running the online ads by using Rubicon Project’s platform? Firstly, it provides companies with  access to more than 60,000 advertisers and major brands in the largest markets across North America, Europe and Asia. Secondly, the company partners with top 500 comScore publishers providing them with an innovative technology platform. Rubicon Project provides clients with a premium inventory access across hundreds of sites including Forbes, Time Inc. and Virgin Media. is an online advertising and marketing company. We are located in Toronto, Ontario and service the GTA and all of Canada. We also serve clients in the U.S. and parts of Latin America.

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