Risk is everywhere! When we come across the possibility of failure, we also come face to face with risk. And nothing beats risk more than the longing to do something impressive for the very first time–to make a difference.

Fear is often a response to risk. While risk can be a real thing, fear exists only in our minds. Fear is the exercise we give ourselves imagining what will happen if we fail.

If you’ve convinced yourself that risk is an adequate cause for fear, and that fear is sufficient cause for worry, you’re in for some long nights burning the midnight oil and soon you’ll abandon your dreams and passion out of fatigue. On the other hand, you can choose to see fear and risk as completely separate phenomena, and realize that it’s possible to take risk without weakening fear.

In the following video Seth Godin argues that taking risks is crucial for an entrepreneur’s success. While it is true that not all risks are worth taking, a business person should make it their mission to take calculated and reasonable risks for the sake of his or her business. For Godin this occurred when he started publishing his works on his own. He took a risk and was resolute at making his work public, without knowing whether he would fail or succeed.  Take his example and put your vision into action for the world to see. When you are certain that what you are doing is right, no risk should be too fearful to overcome.

“If you fail, try and try again”, Seth Godin once said. According to him, success cannot be achieved without failing a couple of times. Even when the frustration associated with failure is often hard to take in, the fact that you have failed means that you are trying, and that you’re one step closer to succeeding.


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