In the SEO industry, there’s no bigger name than Matt Cutts, the head of the Google Webspam. A few times a week he posts a new YouTube video on the Google Webmaster Help Youtube Channel. Since he began doing these videos in 2009, he’s amassed 18 hours of video spread over 500+ videos.

Some of the videos are very detailed, technical, and way above the expertise of the Average Joe. However the majority of the videos are useful, providing practical tips to those who want to attain and maintain excellent rankings on the largest search engine in the world.

the short cutts

But let’s take a step back for one second and think about the number – 500. 500 videos is a lot for someone learning SEO to sort through. YouTube is not the ideal search engine to help you navigate through Cutts’ very important videos.

Don’t start pulling your hair out to try to find the video you need to ensure you are meeting Google Webmaster Guidelines and satisfying Mr. Cutts. There is now a site called The Short Cutts, which organizes all of Matt Cutts videos into an easily usable resource for the SEO geek.

Check it out!


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