twitter-for-businessSecond largest social media networking site Twitter and a global market research company called Market Probe International conducted a study to show marketing professionals and business owners the real value of using Twitter as a social media marketing tool. The study shows that Twitter users who follow small and medium-sized businesses feel more connected to a company and therefore are more likely to make a purchase, recommend, and spread the word about their positive experience.

Twitter Leads to Increased Sales and Higher Market Awareness

The study revealed that 72% of followers are more likely to buy from an SMB they follow on Twitter. A positive and engaging interaction with a brand leads to a higher level of recommendations with a 30% jump in followers who are likely to recommend to their friends and relatives.

Twitter Helps Build Customer Relationship

85% of Twitter users who follow SMBs feel more connected after following them. Among other top reasons why people follow SMBs on Twitter are: getting updates on future products, showing support for SMBs and interacting with the business. The respondents said that they enjoy interacting with SMBs, sharing ideas and providing feedback.

How A Social Media Marketing Campaign Helps a Business  Reach More Customers

34% of SMBs Twitter followers interacted with a brand after seeing a Twitter ad. 32% of respondents are also more likely to visit a business if they see a promoted tweet from an SMB.

The results are particularly essential for small and medium-sized businesses in Canada as they contribute to just about one-half of the GDP in the business sector which accounts for 60% of all jobs in the economy. Because SMBs often have limited time and resources, a social media marketing campaign on Twitter can help SMB owners gain real financial results and sales. is a digital media agency specialized in social media marketing and online advertising. Our team helps clients increase their reach and profitability by developing customized and targeted social media marketing strategies. We service clients in Toronto, Ontario and throughout Canada as well as globally.


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