Photo Courtesy of BBC News

Photo Courtesy of BBC News

The Boston Marathon explosion was massively exposed through social media channels over the past two days. Many people in the area of the bombings circulated information by using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Given an interruption in service, several people were unable to use their phones in the area and this created another opportunity to show how useful social media can be in a variety of situations.  Social media channels were highly useful for those who were near the explosion. Many were able to let family and friends know they were safe.

Users were able to quickly share updates on what happened. By sharing updates this tragic event went globally viral within minutes. The world was overwhelmingly informed within just a few hours.

boston-marathon-people-using-social-media-to-communicateSocial media channels were not only used by visitors and residents but they also helped the Boston Police Department get informed about the tragedy. The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency also relied on social media by notifying people to  text them instead of calling due to the interruption in cellphone service.

Immediately after the event, the hashtag #PrayForBoston became a trending topic and maintained its global popularity for hours. Offering support was what many Facebook users did right after the explosions. The hashtag #Boston made Instagram one more supportive social media provider. YouTube was forced to launch a landing page for videos in order to provide all videos from different sources in an organized manner.  Currently, the most popular video about the explosions has 16,312,601 views and it should be noted that this number increased by 493,000 views during the development of this article. All these facts simply highlight once again the growing inflimportance of social media in today’s society.

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