acebook-fb-legacy-contactFacebook users can now assign a person to manage their pages after they die. Facebook introduced a new feature called a “Legacy Contact” who can manage your profile, e.g. update a cover photo or a profile image after a Facebook user passes away. Vanessa Callison-Burch, Product Manager at Facebook commented: ‘We heard from family members who wanted to post funeral information or download and preserve photos. We realised there was more we could do.’ After Facebook’s social media marketing feature ‘Year in Review” was criticized for its inadvertent algorithmic cruelty showing users photos of recently deceased friends and family members, a Memorialized Account could be a solution.

Digital Death: Planning Ahead on Social Media

Legacy Contact is a new concept where you can give your friend or a family member control over your profile after you are gone. This person can write a post and accept friendship. They can also change your cover and profile picture. A designated Legacy Contact won’t be able to login as the person who passed away and read private messages. Also earlier published posts and photos cannot be deleted or changed.

Your trusted Legacy Contact can share a final post on social media platform and keep the memory of you alive. But there are some flaws in the new feature. If partners appoint each other to be legacy contacts and they both die in an accident, the new feature falls down. It also can confuse people who may think that their friend is still alive if a Legacy Contact accepts to a friend request. But for people who are skeptical, they can always ask a trusted one to shut down the profile.

Facebook released the Legacy Contact feature on Thursday for the U.S. users. The social media site is going to roll out this feature in other countries soon. You can assign your legacy contact in your Facebook’s security settings menu:

Internet Marketing companies are already offering digital death services that help plan users digital death or memorialize loved ones. As various Internet sites like social media platforms and email services have become a part of our lives, digital death is something users will have to deal in the near future.

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