Recently, posted the All-Star “Final Vote” winners for the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. One of those winners was Nick Swisher of the New York Yankees.

nick swisher

The race was a tight one between Nick Swisher and the Red Sox’s beloved Kevin Youkilis. Nick Swisher won it by a close number of fan votes, hugely due to Social Media tactics. Using baseball’s most-followed Twitter account to his advantage (1,220,890 followers), Swisher sought out and received endorsements from New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, actress Jessica Alba, and even and “The Apprentice” co-star Ivanka Trump.

During the final stretch on Thursday, where Swisher and Youkilis were locked in a “virtual tie,”  Swisher tweeted another kick in the rear to voters. He typed, “We’re in the final stretch. Can’t thank yall enough for your support. Let’s finish strong!” He even used the #SENDSWISH hashtag in order that as many fans as possible could locate his tweet, along with a link to the ballot. That propelled him to the top. Once he found that he won, Swisher immediately tweeted: “THANK YOU!!!”

The Wall Street Journal even published a story on Wednesday morning about his enthusiasm of promoting himself publicly. Apparently, it worked.

This is a fine example that demonstrates how powerful Social Media is and can be. It can effectively change world events at a whim. This is why at we feel that Social Media Marketing is crucial to any online advertising campaign. Hashtags, for example, is surprisingly one of the most neglected features of Twitter that has brought in proven results. All it takes is placing a number sign (#) before a popular sounding word, and voila!

There is no question that Social Media Marketing is an Internet Advertising Medium that must be leveraged with a sense of urgency.

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