For those of you who are just getting started with Facebook marketing, it can be tricky to figure out what works and what doesn’t. For now, here are some helpful tips compiled by our Toronto social media experts for anyone looking to find success on the largest social media channel on the World Wide Web.facebook-for-business



  • DO keep posts short & sweet – posts with less than 100 characters get more engagement.
  • DO answer questions & respond to posts –the best posts on Facebook pages tend to be questions.
  • DO participate in the conversation – customers appreciate business owners who take interest.
  • DO provide helpful links – be sure to help educate your fans, not just promote your products.
  • DO follow and become friends with group administrators, influencers and make sure to interact with them & their followers.
  • DO check your Facebook page analytics at least once a day so that you can see what’s working or not.
  • DO tag fans and pages in your posts, images, videos, and comments. The great thing about this is that they are instantly notified and in most cases like your feedback.



  • Don’t post virtual tours on your personal profile.
  • Don’t use third party programs to auto-post. Your page will look like it’s run by robots.
  • Don’t self-promote – it’s bad etiquette on Facebook as it is in person.
  • Don’t post negative comments about people. It tells others that you might talk about them that way too.
  • Don’t preoccupy yourself with page likes. Rather focus on post likes, comments and shares because these three elements drive the most traffic and engagement.
  • Don’t forget to be consistent and to login everyday to monitor activity.
  • Don’t Be Shy – this is your opportunity to speak directly to your customers and shine. Be outgoing & engaging.


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