Twitter and Google have struck a deal to have tweets featured on Google search results. The deal Twitter searchlooks promising for Twitter who is seeking to expand its reach beyond the services they’re currently offering. At the same time, digital marketing analysts are arguing that Google will benefit from this deal as well in that it will enhance the access of broader amount of content to search engine users.

This is not the first time the social media giant has struck deals with search engine companies. It has already setup partnerships with Bing and Yahoo. For instance, if you search for a Twitter user’s handle many of their recent tweets will pop up in the search results.

Online Reputation Management

This partnership will intensify negative SEO and complicate online reputation management initiatives. People and organizations that have bad publicity, poor branding, and negative customer service comments on Twitter will see more negative publicity being aired on Google. And for those that are already engaging in reputation management to bump down other negative results from first page of Google it may digress their efforts.

The first piece of advice we give all our clients dealing with Negative SEO is: Not To Panic. Our digital marketing experts can help you displace negative results before they start appearing on the first pages of search engines.

Online Reputation Management Strategy

1. We start by monitoring all activity, whether it be positive or negative, using tools that will alert us about any suspicious activity.
2. Should something negative be identified, we employ our successful strategies to bury them.
3. We create forum discussions, reviews and blog posts from high page rank sites using the same keywords as the negative results.

It’s important to remember that the process is very meticulous and ongoing. Online reputation management should be done frequently and more often so as to prevent any negative results from hijacking your first SERPs.

In the interim, we caution all social media marketers to be on guard about the things they post on their social networks. Go through the account with a fine tooth comb and identify tweets with grammar, spelling errors and that they were created using appropriate language for your profile.

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