Decades ago social media wasn’t around. If you wanted to find information on someone you had to do all sorts of tedious research and digging like look through a giant book called Yellow Pages, use an actual map made of paper to pinpoint a location or actually communicate with other human beings. In today’s world, information about an individual can be researched with the simple click of a button.

Social Media Can be Used for a Variety of Things

  • Lookup local restaurants
  • Reviews
  • Advertise / promote your business
  • Share your photos
  • Share experiences with your friends, to your friends
  • Brag about [Insert life changing event here]

Then one day a local woman named Melissa Lewis (28yrs old) from Collingwood Ontario, was on the hunt to find her biological father who she never met. The reason is because Melissa’s maternal grandfather didn’t want Melissa’s mom to marry her biological father. Soon after  they all found out Melissa’s mom was pregnant and she was planning to marry her boyfriend and biological father of her unborn baby (Melissa), her  maternal grandfather called her father and said, “Don’t worry, the baby is gone. The wedding is off. You don’t need to come around anymore”. Despite numerous attempts to get back together with Melissa’s mom, Melissa’s father disappeared never to be heard from again. As Melissa grew she inquired about her biological father however her mother didn’t disclose much, “My mom told me when I was about 5 that my actual dad wasn’t my biological father.” After her mother’s death and at her step father’s insistence Melissa wanted to find her biological father. She began talking to her relatives…they didn’t offer much help. She then searched through old yearbooks and looked through her mother’s old photos for something, hoping for a picture of her biological father. In essence she began a campaign, to find her father and chose Facebook as her social media platform and research tool. She could piece together that his first name was Steve with a last name ending in the letter G, drove a ’98 Ford Probe, and used to hang out in Georgetown with her uncles back in the 80’s.

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Steve Grasby with his daughter Melissa Lewis in Collingwood on Saturday, the day they met. They are flanked by Grasby’s other children, Stephanie and Kyle, right, and Lewis’s partner, Matthew Goode, with their daughter, Gabryela. (Jesse Winter / Toronto Star)

The Power of Social Media Marketing

In the end, she found her biological dad. She tracked down a man named Steve Grasby. She reached out to him on Facebook and inquired if he ever had a relationship with someone in Georgetown. He replied by saying “Yes” and said they were going to get married but his fiancée aborted the pregnancy. After he said that, Melissa asked him to call her. They spoke and decided to meet each other face to face. They met at one of Grasby’s children’s home in Collingwood. They were in tears, hugged and have planned a shopping trip to Oshawa’s outlet mall to spend time together.

The pair is ecstatic to have found each other and have a lot of catching up to do all because of a determined young lady and the power of Facebook and social media.

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