Social Media EngagementDo you know what consumers are doing on social media? A recent study conducted by GlobalWebIndex gives us a glimpse into the most popular activities on the top three social media: Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The company interviewed over 170,000 Internet users across 32 markets. The results are important because they provide us with some interesting insight into why users access social media platforms, how frequently they log in and more.

Top Actions on Social Media

Each day, the average internet user spends almost two hours on social networking; over half of Facebook users access the platform multiple times per day. Facebook users are more likely to be clicking the ‘like’ button than Twitter or Google+ users are ‘favoriting’ a Tweet or clicking +1. Facebook active users are also more likely to be interacting with their friends. Moreover, brands received the highest interaction from Facebook users – 3 out of 10 users started following a brand.

Among 5 top activities on Facebook are:

– 70% Clicking a “Like” button
– 55% Commenting on a photo or video
– 55% Messaginga friend on a 1-to-1 basis
– 53% Reading an article
– 52% Commenting on a friend’s profile status

Over 30% of active Twitter users read a news story, look at the trending topics, tweet or retweet a friend or simply log in to check out the updates without posting. The top social media activities among Google+ users are reading an article or a news story, clicking +1 and visiting a brand Google+ page.


Know Your Audience

Understanding what your fans do on social media can help you increase engagement. How much time users spend on each channel, how often they access it and how they engage and interact with brands are important factors you should take into consideration when creating your social media strategy for your brand.

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