IOBRIt is fairly safe to assume that social media is here to stay. However think about the following: would the new generation be more apt to this new type of social interaction if they were trained on how to use social networking and media since they were babies?
The Finnish designers Janne Passi and Hannu Rippati from Palmu Inc, have created the IOBR, a concept of children’s toys that use shapes and colors in a way that it educates toddlers on small social interactions early on.

Social Media: Using IOBR with Children

The designers believe that using IOBR, children grow up prepared to deal with new social demands and the use of a lot of social tools. The concept is simple, through the good old (but powerful) ball-on-ball, square-in-square, children can show their social status to their toddler buddies. The IOBR connect to each other via the internet and are undergoing tests. Wait ’till Facebook gets a hold of this game!

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