Nepal Facebook Helps Earthquake SurvivorsDue to the earthquake in Nepal, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote the following on his personal Facebook page, ‘’Together we can help urgent care reach the people who need it. Thinking of all of you who are there and all of you who have relatives and friends in the affected areas.’’

Facebook helps by urging its users to support the victims of the April 25th 2015 earthquake in Nepal. Facebook has promised to match every dollar donated up to $2 million. As of today when you log in on Facebook you’ll see a message appear on the top of your news feed with an option to donate to the humanitarian charity International Medical Corps.

Besides donating money Facebook launched a Safety Check tool. This Safety Check tool automatically sends a notification to anyone whose profile shows they are in the affected area, asking them to update their status with the Safety Check. This will enable their Facebook friends to know the person in the affected area is safe.

What Are Other Social Media Platforms Doing

Google is helping Nepal`s earthquake survivors by activating their Google Person Finder. The Google Person Finder was first launched after the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. The Google Person Finder has already tracked 5,300 people.

Users of the Google Person Finder can search for someone on the site by putting up personal information and a picture or quote. You can create a mini-dossier if you are looking for someone in the affected area or you have information about someone in the affected area.

Twitter has Twitter Alerts. Twitter Alerts was launched in September 2013. Twitter Alerts gives the public information during an emergency. Twitter Alerts appear as an SMS message or as a Twitter notification on a user’ cell phone. The Alerts appear on the Twitter timeline; an orange bell under the tweet indicates the Alert.

The Many Benefits of Social Media During a Disaster

By using social media people are aware of the many tools offered during a disaster. This helps people;

  • Connect to other people
  • Get information about their loved ones
  • Make donations
  • Become educated

We at iRISEmedia send our heartfelt sympathies to the Nepal earthquake victims and to their families and friends.

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