1. Update your status daily.

    Write/share some posts and links daily. Keeping up-to-date will show your friends/followers what you are up to, and will have them continuing to reach your profile page. Users want to see “what is constantly happening.” Updating your status will show up on each friends/followers walls, thereby increasing the chances of people going onto your site and “converting” from there.

  2. Search for others in the same industry as you.

    On Facebook, search “fan pages” relating to certain products and aspects of your industry. Become a fan of those pages. Other fans there can then see your profile and may want to “friend” you. With Twitter, review industry-related hash tags and tweet with them. What happens is that people will search for tweets using certain tags, and if you show up, they may follow you and even retweet your posts. More followers translates into more potential visitors to your site. And, if you’re retweeted by an industry leader, then sky’s the limit.

  3. twitter: Post, Post, Post

    When you tweet updates about what’s happening in your company or industry, people will eventually locate those tweets and, if they’re deemed valuable or relevant, will follow you.

  4. twitter Use Hashtags (#) in words, and user twitter names (@irisemedia) whenever possible

    People will, for simplicity reasons, search for tweets relevant to their industry by usage of Hashtags. Hashtags are # signs placed before popular words. When using those, the chances of people reading your tweet among the torrents of others becomes that much greater.

  5. facebook: Create a contest.

    On Facebook, creating a contest allows users to engage on a platform that will promote your business. This is important as Facebook users like to have fun, and creating a “fun” item will drive more people to the facebook landing page and have fun while doing so. An excellent walkthrough on how to set up a Facebook fan page can be found here. Also, more detailed information on ways to skyrocket your fan base can be found here.

  6. YouTube: Post engaging videos about your company and/or the industry in general. Provide how-to’s to increase relevance.

    This is extremely critical to the success of an online video campaign. Posting boring, generic material won’t engage the user at all. Originality counts for a lot. Case in point, check out an SEO rap video made by Chuck the SEO Rapper. His video has a lot of originality and has been rewarded with a lot of visits to that video page. More great information on optimizing engaging videos for such a campaign can be found here.

  7. YouTube: Take advantage of the tags and description feature.

    A look at the source code on any Youtube video page will show that the “tags” appear in the “meta keywords” section, and the “description” shows up in the “meta description” section. Considering the high SEO value of Youtube, adding proper “tags” and a “description” can drive users to your YouTube videos, and from there to your site.

A proper Social Media Marketing strategy is of utmost importance to any website and business today. At iRISEmedia.com, we make sure to include it in any Online Marketing campaign.

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