Recently I came across an article discussing three ways to use Google’s search results. This article will summarize those tools as well as mention some others.

One tool is “Google Suggest.” Google Suggest was added as part of the standard Google search bar in 2008. What it does is, as you are typing a search phrase, suggestions for other searches, based on what Google thinks is most relevant, show up in a dropdown menu below, as follows:

Google generates this data “on the fly,” so one can get various keyword suggestions instantly. It makes sense to place these keywords in the title tags whenever possible. The easiest way would be to leverage SEO work that already been done on other websites as a guide for keywords to place on a web page. Also, Adwords ads with the right keywords are good for seeing what’s being promoted with the search terms. From the sentences one can see who the target audience is, and to whom ones webpage should appeal to.

Another great method is by analyzing page titles of ranking search results. Those that are internet-savvy will put popular search terms into the title tags of certain pages.

Yet another is related searches. When conducting a Google search, typically on the bottom of a search results page you will find a related search queries section.

As well, when expanding the left tab, among the options is “wonder wheel.” This tool allows one to dig deeper on certain search terms, and provides a good gauge on what keywords you want to focus on.

Also, there’s a Google keyword research tool. This tool  allows one to either search keywords based on website content or based on certain keywords. The tool allows one to collect search results and the number of given searches.

Should the client be using Google adwords, once the list of keywords are collected, the Traffic Estimator tool is the natural next step.

This tool allows one to place an already-created keyword list, filter by language and geo-target, and see how much the specified keywords will cost on a per-click basis.

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