Facebook Home puts your friends and family at the heart of your Android. You will see you friend’s posts and photos from the moment you turn on your phone. If you want Facebook Home and do not own an Android device, you can download and install a free file manager application from Google Play.

This application gives you quick access to Social Media so you will never miss a moment. One of the benefits of this application is that you can communicate with friends while you are using other applications.

The Facebook Home application will be launched on April 12th in the United States and Canada will follow soon after the US launch. AT&T is selling this application for $99.99 instead of the regular price of $449.99. However Facebook Home is offering a free download on April 12 only.

Marc Zuckerberg has 17,797,541 Facebook followers. They are not his Facebook friends, they are sharing information. This is not a common option which most people choose. It is usually chosen by people who want to just share information.

Within twenty four hours of his Facebook post Marc Zuckerberg had 67,922 likes. Four days later his Facebook post likes increased by over 4,000. In one day from launch there were 543,361 views on a Facebook Home You Tube video. Four days later the Facebook Home You Tube video views increased to 1,920,177. This is over a 250% increase.

This Facebook Home event also increased Facebook’s stock by 3% in less than 12 hours.
Overall this was a successful product launch for Facebook. We look forward to what else Facebook has in store for us.

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