A recent survey by comScore has shown that in the United States, more women engage in Social Networking websites over men by a score of 76% to 70%. More interestingly, women spend more time on average, 5.5 hours per day, on social networking websites over men, who claim to spend 4 hours on average.

Data from “Women on the Web: How Women are Shaping the Internet” has shown that while women comprise of only 48% of unique visitors on social networking sites, they consume 57% more pages, and take up 57% of total web usage time.

Share of time spent online: Females vs. Males

Photo courtesy of comScore.com

Globally, women have shown to be more socially active than men. This applies even though there are variances of female activity on social sites in different countries. Interestingly, women in Latin America have shown to be the most active on social networking websites, where 94% of them have interacted with Facebook or Twitter in some manner. Europe came in second place, where it saw 86% of females visiting social networking sites. Surprisingly, only 52.5% of women use social networking sites in the Asia Pacific, as seen in the graph below.

In the United States, women have also proven to be more active on social networking sites than men. According to comScore, 56% of women claim that they use the Internet to stay in touch with people, compared to 46% of adult men.

Interestingly, the 45+ age range of females drive the highest amount of growth for social networking sites, both in visitation and time spent. Users aged 15-24 are the heaviest users and have the most reach in this category. At the same time, older women have similar reach and usage as women aged 25-34 and 35-44, as all groups spend a significant amount of their total time online on these websites.

While men comprise of the majority of users online, women spend 8% more time online, averaging 25 hours monthly. This number difference becomes more pronounced with the older populations. While makes and females in the 15-24 age range have similar numbers, the 55+ age group is separated by more than 10%. Older women apparently are embracing this “new frontier,” while older men are staying “set in their ways,” sticking with “what has worked before.”

The explosion of social networking has prompted women of all ages to engage in a variety of online activities, like photo-sharing, video viewing, instant messaging, and gaming. Each activity has benefited from linking with social networking sites by being able to attract new female users. comScore speculates that “social retail” may be the next frontier in this evolution.

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