The recent homeless YouTube video sensation, Ted Williams has just landed a job as an announcer for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The former radio announcer had in the past fallen on hard times, took drugs and alcohol, and claims to have been clean for two years now. In any case, the video was so successful that it took him a matter of two days to land a job.

In the YouTube video, 53 year old Mr. Williams looked disheveled and ragged. Since starting at his new job he cleaned himself up and has now drawn visual comparisons to United States President Barack Obama.

Ted Williams is not the only one to celebrate. His 92 year old mother from Brooklyn, NY is ecstatic to see her son finally get back on his feet, and Ted is happy that his mother has lived long enough to see him rise from the ashes.

This has to be the best internet feel-good story in recent memory.

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