recently reported that a Forrester Research study states US mobile paid search will account for $ 3.8 billion in revenue by the end of 2013. IAB reported that that the US mobile ad revenue was slightly below $3 billion for the first half of the year, and they expect higher spending on mobile paid ads in the second half. So it is safe to predict that the mobile ad revenue in the US is expected to be approximately $7 billion in 2013. Nowadays mobile search accounts for around 40 to 60 % of Google searches, so it is very reasonable to estimate that mobile paid search will arrive at that figure of earnings. The report also shows that today 64% of the mobile phones in the US are Smartphone mobile devices and predicts that by the end of 2013 this number will increase to 72%. It is obvious that mobile paid search will continue to grow.

However the report also illustrates the data on how people use search on social media channels. The report explains that 89% of US online users utilize mobile search at least once a week just behind 91% for tablets and 97% for PC’s. This seems to indicate that a majority of people feel that mobile search is “harder” than performing a search on a PC or tablet. Apart from this Google search also has another new competitor; Social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Google search is responsible for 89% of the searches performed in the US and 94% in the rest of the world.

multi-screen-new-normalHowever, in another report it is pointed out that although Smartphone users have grown 200 % in the last two years, the use of tablets has grown by 600%, especially during the last year. The trend doesn’t appear to be stopping and, as the Forrester reports shows it is easier to search information on a PC or tablet than on a mobile. The bottom line is that In the Technology world everything changes quickly and customers have the last word.

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