google-seo SEO is not dead despite the assertions by black-hat SEO gurus and internet marketing skeptics. Just like the Mayan predictions of the end of the world were wrong in 2012, so were the predictions that SEO would die.

Why SEO is not dead….Unless all search engines seize to exist (including Google) or some international organization decides to shut down the internet, then there will always be SEO.

SEO is much more than someone optimizing a web page to be read by search engines. You can now successful optimize blog articles, YouTube and Vimeo videos, social media profiles, newsletters, and mobile applications. Heck, you can even optimize your long posts on LinkedIn as well as Notes on Facebook.

The main reason why people started the rumour that SEO is dead is because Google started cracking down on spam techniques and penalizing black hat marketers. Google has been coming out with algorithm changes for years. Recently, with the Panda 4.1 update, it rewarded websites that removed spam and eliminated thin content over the years. By December 2014, it plans to come out with the Penguin 3.0, penalizing websites that do not follow their webmaster tool guidelines. The algorithm changes (i.e. the furry animals) made search engine marketers scramble to do research, find out what they’ve done wrong, and keep their customers, who were losing rankings, happy.

It’s safe to say that first page ranking is harder to achieve than it used to be. In order to be a true SEO champion, you have to know the history of the internet, understand the search engine algorithms as well as follow search engine webmaster guidelines. You have to be logical, technical savvy and artistic. You have to be humble and willing to change your practices on the whim.

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