mobilegeddonLast month, Google announced that it will be coming out with a new algorithm on April 21. The purpose of this update is mainly to provide mobile users with more relevant search results. The name of this algorithm is Armageddon, although many people simply refer to it as the “Mobilegeddon”.

The algorithm comes as no surprise to search engine marketing experts. We’re in the midst of one of the biggest paradigm shifts of our decade. More and more people are turning to mobile devices for internet access as opposed to desktop computers. The drastic turn occurred in 2014 when the number of mobile device users connecting to the internet surpassed desktop computer users. Therefore it would only make sense for Armageddon to support this growth.

The Top Internet Uses via Mobile Device

  • Content/Information – 99.5%
  • Internet Access – 63.1%
  • Check Email – 62.1%
  • Listen to Music – 49.2%
  • Online Gaming – 46%
  • Download and Use Applications – 41.7%
  • Make Purchases – 15%
  • Read Books – 15%

While people are using their mobile devices to check emails, chat with friends using various social networks, do a search engine query search, the biggest adoption of mobile use is among C-level executives. Conducting business in this ultra-competitive world is going beyond the boardroom. To meet customer demand, businesses must be available 24X7 and on all channels their customers are active on.

The trend will not be slowing down or reversing. In fact, the number of mobile users connecting to the internet is going to increase substantially over the next few years. In order to stay relevant and avoid being hit by the Armageddon, you will need to fix any issues with your website that will impede on mobile users’ access or experience.

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