the only possible way to score a job using social mediaNow that I’ve got your attention, Hi, How are you?

Well this is a bit one sided isn’t it, I’m doing all the heavy lifting. This whole interaction is how it feels talking to a potential employer. You have to garner their attention, making sure to show your value without coming off as needy. Using social media not only avoids this whole buffoonery it genuinely provides more accessible information for potential jobs and gets your name publicly noticed. The problem is people are using Social Media because it avoids the awkward confrontation that is cold approaching. When someone applies for a job online there is nothing to make them stand out from the crowd. It is the same as having a pile of resumes, it becomes luck of the draw. Employers sit around for hours looking through that pile to find the “right” employee. If you keep reading you will be able to skip the pile.

The Quality Difference

The goal is to be different, to be the piece of paper that is standing up vertically instead of horizontally like the rest. It’s not going to be a walk in the park but with some time and discipline you can do it.

People talk about the perfect employee, one who goes to a reputable school, one with a titanic amount of extra credentials, has good posture and stands up vertically. You are probably not that person, so forget about it. What you can become is the wild card. The employee that is too good to pass up. The one that has infinite potential to improve.

Strategies of the Wild Card

There are multiple ways to communicate this message to employers. The Social Media platform that is being used most effectively for this strategy is LinkedIn. Employers drool at the convenience LinkedIn offers such as, statistics regarding potential prospects, users who viewed their profile, and direct messages to future employees. All of this power is at your fingertips as well, at a minimal price which employers can afford. It’s an advantage you want employers to have because LinkedIn is a widely used social media platform that intelligent individuals like yourself can take advantage of.

Below Are Some Fantastic LinkedIn Strategies to Help You Land Your Dream Job

Like and Share Articles That Employers Have Posted

– Doing this shows your interest, and benefits them because content is being shared.
– When a comment is made a notification is given to the person who has posted the article. Making a comment is therefore the most simplistic way to getting on the Poster’s radar.

Reach Out to Individuals on LinkedIn

– Either connect with individuals who have a similar job as you, or are in control of hiring, or CEO’s of companies.
– No one will ever know what you can do unless you connect with them!

Develop Your Own Products

– Look for talent such as yourself and create a group of people to discuss and accomplish your service.
– Scoping out talent is easy using the many features LinkedIn offers.
– It makes an excellent impression on your future boss, showing your potential, taking the initiative and responsibility on your own increases your value as a job prospect drastically.

Strategies utilizing Social Media to acquire jobs are relatively simple to implement, and yield a large return. Expand your connections and, develop your own web and social media presence. If you utilize these strategies effectively you will become the wild card. is a Toronto digital media agency providing Social Media Marketing, SEO, PPC and online branding services in Toronto, Ontario, the GTA and throughout Canada as well as globally.

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