link-buildingLearning how to build links is an essential part of being an SEO specialist. The number of referrals to a site is based on the SEO-jargon: link popularity.

Google uses the number of quality links to measure the quality of a website or webpage. Webmasters are permitted to create as many links as possible in order to generate traffic. However, it is preferable to have links from websites that are related to your industry and that have keywords in common with your website.

There are two sorts of links that a webmaster can create: natural and unnatural links. Google considers a natural link to be one that   a webmaster is able to find with the content as bait. Google considers a link unnatural when it’s artificially linked for the purpose of manipulating Search Engine rankings. Google uses over 200 ranking factors to rank the quality of a webpage. A few of Google’s ranking factors are:

    • Number of outbound links;
    • Outbound link quality;
    • Outbound link theme;
    • Too many outbound links;
    • Page loading speed;
    • Useful content.

Links, Online Marketing and Social Media

Links are not only valuable for SEO purposes. They can easily be used in other facets of the online marketing world. Awareness is the main purpose of marketing. Links play a huge role in creating awareness.

People that trust your website are more likely to trust websites that are linked to your site. By putting a link on your website you actually say to your web visitor: ‘’I think you would like this page as well’’ or ‘’It is in the same category as you are looking for.’’ Linking a website with another website is conceived as a willing association. So choose your links well.

It is also important to integrate your social media channels into your online marketing mix. Social media helps to spread your online reach faster, and it brings traffic to your website. By using social media in the right way, it can even help your SEO. Word on the street is that Google now considers social media engagement as part of their algorithm when ranking websites on their search engine. If you share the content of your website on your social media profiles, Google considers   it a “natural link”.

Conclusion: Make sure you link as much as possible, but keep Google’s ranking factors in mind and use your social media profiles.

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