Google+ & SEODo you want to increase your search rankings? Are you using your Google+ page and profile to help boost your SEO efforts? Google+ can help you increase search rankings for your website, but you have to take the time to optimize your page, profile and the posts you share in order for all your ducks to be lined up.

Only coming into existence in 2011, Google+ is  still testing the waters in the social media realm. There are countless of people/businesses that argue to wait and see if things will improve before using Google Plus. They will often point to lower numbers of people using Google Plus. These people fundamentally misunderstand the nature of Google Plus and the way it can be used for business. Just take a look at what these 10 businesses are doing…maybe even take a few tips.


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The reason why Google+ is so popular is because the links users add to their Google+ page are DoFollow links, which means the links will pass link equity onto the website the users share. Google+ is also continuing to grow, and it is strategic to Google’s plans, and should be to your digital marketing plans as well. With the  Google Hummingbird update, it seems increasingly likely that Google+ will have some influence on non-personalized results.

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