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In February 2011, Search Engine giant Google introduced the Panda algorithm update and rolled out additional features which penalized and de-ranked many websites. It was developed to deliver the best possible user experience and bring high-quality sites to the top of Google‘s search results. On April 24, 2012 Google Penguin was implemented for the first time penalizing websites which were using black-hat SEO techniques. In order to stay at the top of Google‘s search results, it is important to stay informed and on top of any changes and Google algorithm updates that will take place in 2013. The following are the Top 5 SEO predictions from the iRISEmedia team for this  year.

1. Social Media Influence on SEO Grows

Social Media channels like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube obtain such a high volume of traffic and information that relevant pages and posts will begin to appear on Google‘s search results. In other words, those pages and posts on Social Media channels that get the largest fan base and the highest level of engagement and interaction will be rewarded by Google for SEO value.

Some items Google will use to determine Social Media SEO value:

  • Number of people who like your brand on Facebook
  • Number of Facebook shares and comments
  • Number of Twitter followers
  • Number of tweets mentioning your brand name or including a link to your website
  • Number of people that “have you in their circles” (Google+)

2. Location-Based Search Results

Google will provide an improved search experience by analyzing your recent search activities and identifying your current location to prioritize those websites that are based in your location. If you are running a small or medium local business, you can improve SEO rankings by applying SEO techniques such as location-based meta tags and description. The optimization of your website for Google Places is a “must” in 2013!

3. Google Punishing Guest Posts

Guest posting, which was considered an effective link building strategy, has become a troublesome SEO technique. If the guest post has an unnatural link, or is submitted to poor quality blogs, Google will penalize it. A good strategy for link building through guest posting will be submitting a new and original article to just one high quality blog. Guest posting should provide readers with relevant information, tips and advice while getting the exposure and a valuable link. Backlinking is still effective from an SEO perspective but it must be content driven and relevant i.e. it has to be a “real” backlink.

4. Diversity

Using a variety of SEO techniques will help protect your website from Google Panda and Penguin updates. The best SEO strategy in 2013 will be to add fresh and engaging content to a website consistently and to widen SEO techniques by applying diversified anchor texts and links. Blog articles, eye-catching infographics, interesting images and viral videos that are properly tagged and have relevant description and captions will improve search results as well. The bottom line is Google wants SEO to be as “organic” as possible. Google will continue to reward “real” content and “real” backlinks.

5. Performing SEO without integrating Google + will be difficult

There is no question that implementing a sound SEO campaignis getting more difficult and more competitive. Google + is a powerful tool for content publishers and will indirectly lead to a greater page rank. Therefore, by increasing your authority as a writer on Google+, you will be able to improve the website’s ranking. This includes not only writing on a specific topic, but also engaging the audience and commenting and sharing the content.

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