No more bots on Twitter! We are not just speaking of spammers and fake accounts. This new update affects accounts that have been bundling their likes, retweets, tweets, and follows across multiple accounts through TweetDeck and other 3rd party software developers.

In an announcement made on February 22, 2018, Twitter said, “(This is) an important step in ensuring we stay ahead of malicious activity targeting the crucial conversations taking place on Twitter — including elections in the United States and around the world.” The changes have been in effect since January, 2018.

Twitter is encouraging users to send out a tweet once and on one account only. Upon posting, other accounts will be able to retweet and like that tweet. However, “bulk, aggressive, or very high-volume automated retweeting” is not permitted and will get you banned from the social network. The only exceptions to this rule are tweets related to public service announcements and emergency and weather alerts.

In another post, Twitter offered tips in the form of its “Two Guiding Rules”. “Posting duplicative or substantially similar content, replies, or mentions over multiple accounts you control, or creating duplicate or substantially similar accounts, with or without the use of automation, is never allowed,” it says. “Neither is posting multiple updates (from any number of accounts) to a trending topic “with an intent to subvert or manipulate the topic, or to artificially inflate the prominence of a hashtag or topic.”

More information on the changes can be found in the Twitter Rules and Automation Rules.

Implications of Changes in Social Media Marketing

In our agency, we strongly recommend a “white hat” digital marketing approach. By “white hat” we mean employing legitimate methods that have been backed by best practices, research, and tested. Most importantly, it is fundamental to stay up to date on major social media channels’ best practices and policy updates.

Just like implementing a successful SEO strategy, there are no shortcuts in social media marketing. If you do engage in suspicious activity to achieve results faster, you will only end up hurting your brand and online reputation.

Let’s s say you signed up with and to increase your follower base on Twitter. You end up getting 5,000 + followers after spending 3 hours or more of reciprocal following. I assure you that the majority of these followers will not engage with your account. In fact, when real customers come to visit you they will be suspicious because there is no engagement among the followers. Instead of making a positive impact with your number of followers, your channel will inevitably lose credibility.

The new rules also affect users who bulk retweet or “like”. If you have been utilizing and to make your account look livelier, Twitter will no longer allow it. It will suspend your account and even disable it if the suspicious activity continues.

Take the prudent and organic route when implementing a Twitter social media campaign for your brand. Stay away from short cuts or services that offer to provide results that seem too good to be true.

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