twitter for businessSince 2006, millions of people have been using Twitter daily to communicate, interview, discuss and inform, regardless of the topic, with others. As a result, people are now turning to Twitter as an effective way to reach out to businesses. From local stores to big brands, and from retail locations to an internet-based e-commerce website, people are finding tremendous value in the connections they make with businesses on Twitter. As Twitter continues to grow year-by-year, there WILL be a market for your product. Establishing a presence in this microblog would be great move. But if you do it in a great way, you will drive traffic to your website and even make a profit out of it. The following are some tips for your Social Media Marketing, or SMM.

Making twitter posts interesting, and at the same time direct, is key. But what are you going to post about? That depends on your goals. From a conversion perspective, try posting deals/sales on a daily basis to grab the attention of your followers and steer them to your site whether it is an e-commerce site or retail location. Another very important point is to answer questions your followers ask because, by doing so, you develop a good relationship and obtain more followers. Another point is to provide followers with news on topics that you think they are interested in. For example, if your business is a DVD rental store, try to post news about Movie ratings or Hollywood.

You will achieve several goals by thinking of your Twitter account as a friendly information booth or coffee bar. Look at it as a place for people to ask you spontaneous questions of all kinds—a spot to share intriguing company insights they might find interesting. When you hit stride with these exchanges, they often lead to unexpected, valuable relationships. Maintaining this type of mind set can lead you to potentially make a HUGE profit with Twitter.

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