Twitter has been very active with its updates this month. Although it is very common for this social media micro blog to release new updates, this month we will touch on some changes that cannot go by unnoticed. Below is your guide to the 4 new features added by Twitter in April 2015:


1. Re-tweet with Comment

Firstly, we are going to walk you through the new Retweet feature. Users are now able to use retweet and add a comment. This new feature allows users to retweet somebody’s tweet and use 116 characters to add their own comment. The new feature is available for both desktop and mobile users.

2. See Your Twitter Homepage Even After Logging Out

The next feature is for users who are not logged in or who don’t have an account on Twitter. When you land on the homepage you will see a list of topics from pop artists, tech blogs and reporters to TV shows and business news. By clicking on one of the topics it will bring you to a real-time feed of tweets. The new feature is designed to drive the volume and variety of content available on the social media site. One of the reasons why Twitter is rolling out this new feature is that over 125 million people who visit the homepage each month don’t necessarily login or sign up.

3. Send Direct Messages on Twitter to Anyone

Direct message was only available for users who follow each other. This has been changed as well. You can now send and receive direct messages from any Twitter user. You can turn this option off in the privacy settings if you don’t want to be bothered with direct messages. This particular feature can be beneficial for large brands and celebrities to respond to Twitter users without having to establish a connection.

4. Updated Privacy Policy

The final update Twitter introduced is its new privacy policy regarding abusive behavior. With this new privacy policy Twitter aims to help its users stay safe in the online social media world. If a user decides to send abusive, violent or harassing tweets or threats of violence against others on the social media site, Twitter might request the user to delete content or lock the account for specific periods of time. Twitter hopes this will limit the threatening and violent comments and make it a safer place for users.

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