private-messagingAccording to private messaging has captured the attention of the most popular social media networks in the last few months. With platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram people can have hundreds of thousands of friends or followers at one time. However, users are demanding more intimacy through private messaging services.

Simon-Thomas, a neuroscientist who has spent years studying human emotions and social interactions, agrees with the necessity of private messaging in social media networks. “You just have to imagine if every time you said something, instead of it being said to the people who are close to you in physical space, it was broadcast to a three block radius. [Think] how much harder it would be for you to have community.”

Nextdoor which provides a more intimate social media network that limits communities by neighbourhood’s CEO Nirav Tolia says, “There’s this very common thing that happens in the world when you go from narrowcast to broadcast — you want to break things up in to smaller pieces, pointing out that Nextdoor limits the size of each neighborhood on its platform.”

The most popular social media networks have revised their platforms to have more privacy. Twitter updated its messaging feature to enable users to privately send pictures. Facebook has completely redesigned their private messaging. Also, WhatsApp a private messaging service has announced that the company has 400 million active users, over a 150 million more than Twitter. Instagram created the phrase “kik me” that is an invitation to chat and have privacy.

Social media networks will need to update their private messaging applications. Even though a user might have 1,000 friends or followers they want additional privacy within smaller groups.

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