Do your customers message you on Facebook with questions, comments, and/or concerns? Do they complaint about the response time? Most customers expect lightning-fast responses to pressing questions and concerns from businesses. If you do not have the resources to provide customer service around the clock, Facebook Messenger Chatbots can help you deliver the right answer within seconds of a customer inquiry.

What are Facebook Messenger Chatbots?

A chatbot is a software application that digital marketing agencies and online businesses build into their Facebook Business Page to simulate human-like conversations. Once the code is inserted, the bot studies questions and responses from your customers and watches for certain patterns in the string to determine how to respond.

Imagine you are a customer wishing to purchase tickets to an entertainment venue in your local area. You would begin your search on Google with a keyword along the lines of “purchase tickets for…” You would then be taken to either the company website or an external website (i.e., Ticket Master and EventHub). There, you would have to find the purchase button, choose the ticket type, enter your credit card details and address, and finally make the purchase. After such an arduous process, you would have to wait for the tickets to arrive in the mail.

With Facebook Messenger Bots, all you have to do is open the messenger box and ask to purchase tickets. The bot will then use your current credit card on file and send you the link within seconds. The process is much more simplified!

How Effective are Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Our research shows that approximately 60% of people who receive a message on Facebook Messenger through a chatbot are responding well to the message. Email marketing campaigns, on the other hand, have a click-through rate of 1 to 3%. Even if you have a phenomenal email marketing list with a 30% to 40% open rate, that’s a 3% engagement versus 60% engagement on a Facebook Messenger chatbot….a world of a difference for business owners.

3 Ways to Use Facebook Messenger Chatbots

1. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

You can set up the Facebook Messenger ChatBot to give potential customers information about the types of services you offer. This can be anything from a simple FAQ list to an interactive discussion, based on what the prospect is requesting. In a world without the bots, your customer may use the time to check out a competitor who may be able to answer the question faster. The Chatbots serve as an opportunity to engage customer as soon as they walk through the virtual door.

2. Promote Personalized Content to Your Subscribers

Did you write a blog post you want everyone on your Facebook Messenger subscriber list to know about? Just like you would with an email marketing blast, you can use the Chatbot to entice your subscribers to read your news/resource because it will benefit them exponentially. Alternatively, you may use Facebook Messenger to create a special offer you want to promote to their most engaged customers. Send them an exclusive invitation via the Facebook Messenger bot that no one else can receive.

3. Make Connections with Subscribers Fun

Hoping to create and grow relationships with your subscribers? Why not program your Chabot to entertain them. Subscribers may always have an option to opt out from this to receive any future messages from your brand. Many businesses are already using Chatbots to send out fun facts, engagement games, quizzes and content for entertaining to consumers looking to be engaged and intrigued. It is that humour and uniqueness that will make you most memorable when the time comes to making the important decision.

Set Up a Facebook Chatbox | Toronto Digital Marketing Agency

Unfamiliar with social media chatbots? You are not alone. This is an evolving feature that few businesses with social media presence have. There is no time like the present to get a head start!

Contact our digital marketing agency in Toronto, Ontario today to take advantage of this feature and add the code to your business page. The good news is that this feature can be added to other platforms such as WeChat and Skype. We encourage businesses to install it as it shows your willingness to uphold your online reputation and provide customers with a personalized customer service experience.

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