hashtagsThe latest news from Google will apparently alter the way SEO companies and site owners do business. From a social media marketing company’s perspective and a content marketer’s point of view, Google’s recent changes ring with the thrill of opportunity. The bottom line is that Google is stressing high quality and engaging content in order for a website to increase their Google rankings. The non-creative SEO strategy involving cheesy backlinks has all but come to an end. No one knows for certain how Google figures this all out but the consensus is that if a website’s content generates considerable social media engagement or attention it will be rewarded with higher rankings by Google.

With the above emphasis on quality content and social media engagement Google has given the Internet Marketing industry a reason to force consolidation. Businesses that continue to see internet marketing as a series of silos will miss out on a myriad of opportunities to cross-pollinate their marketing with all of the their other online efforts.

Hashtags have become an effective social media phenomenon.  When used judiciously, well-placed hashtags in blog titles, Google+ posts, Facebook and Twitter updates, image descriptions across Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine can add a layer of cohesiveness to a brand’s social media marketing as well as help improve SEO.

During this past Super Bowl the Hashtag was the social media communication means most used. After that it was Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Shazam.

Hashtags were used in 57 percent of nationally-run Super Bowl ads, up from 50% in 2013 and setting a new record. After that it was Facebook at a much lower 9 percent. Twitter came in third position with 7%. Google+ was completely shut-out. Instagram, which got some mention last year, got none this year. Shazam was a surprise, picking up two ads encouraging people to use the audio service. YouTube also scored two mentions.

The brand who wins for being the most inclusive of social media marketing was Hyundai. It carried logos for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, along with a Hyundai URL.

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