Organizations from all walks of life are making their transition to paperless correspondences – paperless billing, paperless contracts, and paperless receipts among others. The idea came about with the advent of the computer almost 20 years ago. Going paperless has enabled companies to think differently about the way they handle business and to streamline their operations and become more proactive their management approach. Despite rapid technological advancements, some businesses still fall behind in the latest trend of operating without paper. In this blog posts, we weigh the pros and cons of turning your office into a paperless one and act as a resource as you go through this transition.

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The Advantages

Businesses have a vested interest in going paperless. For instance, some organizations wish to conserve storage space, while others may do it because they wish to become more environmentally friendly. Aside from preserving trees and conserving storage space, an organization could also feel that turning into a paperless office makes it easier to find documents. It lessens the likelihood of misplacing, losing or even having important documents stolen. The most important thing to remember is customer service. Should there be an emergency and the customer requires further action immediately, a paperless environment can help the office staff retrieve the necessary information within seconds.

The Disadvantages

Everything has its disadvantages and going paperless is no exception. Critics of paperless, electronic filing argue that it only increases efficiency if the software and hardware allows workers to store records. Software bugs and hardware defects can cause interruptions in the flow of a paperless office. In addition, companies have to hire Information Technology (IT) consultants and service technicians to maintain their servers on a daily basis and that could drain the budget to a certain extent. A paperless office may also encounter “lost” records due to inaccurate data entry. If an establishment hires untrained data entry operators to input sensitive information, then it can make the system inefficient and somewhat onerous.

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