Neil Patel once said that social media is the fastest growing trend in the history of the world. Rightly so. The demand for social media marketing and social media agency services during the CoVID-19 has grown exponentially.

The demand for social media marketing and social media agencies is only expected to grow in the next few months as businesses go back to normal and social distancing becomes a thing of the past. Here are a few facts to back this up.

  • The number of Facebook users has, with 2.7+ Billion users, surpassed the population of China.
  • Over 90% of digital marketers say that social media is a platform or tool that is important to their business.
  • 85% of those surveyed also agreed that social media has changed the way they do business in a positive way.

In this featured blog post, our social media agency in Toronto answers one of the most pressing questions on the minds of businesses today – What do social media agencies do? We highlight the benefits your business can reap from working with a third-party agency.

5 Benefits to Working with a Social Media Agency | iRISEmedia – Toronto

From sharing impressive content on Facebook and Instagram to developing brilliant paid advertising campaigns on LinkedIn, a social media agency and its team can drive engagement and significantly improve a business’ online presence.

A social media agency works with businesses who may not have the expertise or the resources in-house to effectively manage their presence online. They also work with large multinational corporations whose marketing departments are inundated with work and desire to delegate time-consuming tasks (e.g., paid advertising and online reputation management).
No matter the size of your business, you can easily reap the following benefits of working with a social media marketing agency.

1. Increased Website Traffic

Social media agencies are experts in finding innovative ways to increase traffic to your website. That is, helping businesses spread their wings and helping them move beyond the traditional traffic sources of Word of Mouth Marketing and SEO. Each social media profile they set up serves as another path to your website. Every piece of juicy and hot content posted on your profiles is an opportunity for consumers to find you online.

2. Improved Brand Exposure

Social media agencies are dedicated to helping a brand build (and improve) their online exposure using social media platforms. They take brands to the next level with their expert knowledge of social media trends and changing techniques. They also know where to start, which platform to use and what content resonates best with consumers. More importantly, they can help you get a brand talked about among influencers, which is the best source of Word of Mouth Marketing at the moment.

3. Achieving Goals for Less

Social media agency is in the business of helping companies effectively promote their brands across social media channels in the least amount of time. There is a common misconception that outsourcing digital marketing services is expensive, when in reality it is not. The professional experience, innovative technologies and reporting tools are unmatched. As well, you never have to worry about your marketing budget being misused on ineffective strategies. Outsourcing time-consuming tasks such as social media marketing and management allows businesses to focus on what they do best – providing quality goods and services.

4. Software and Reporting

If businesses are not logging or keeping track of your daily social media efforts, it may be difficult to tell if their efforts are effective or not. Social media agencies do not just post content on behalf of businesses, they work with you to get results! They have innovative tools at their disposal that allow them to plan, curate, and schedule content at the best times. They study and report on their marketing and advertising practices, so clients know exactly how and where their precious dollars are being spent. The decisions they make are informed and are backed by research.

5. Help Deal with Competition

Social media agencies thrive in competitive environments. They know how to help business stay ahead of other brands of similar or equal visibility. To do this, they use tools to measure all sorts of metrics for both your own social channels as well as your competitor’s. Think of follower trends, engagement rates, or top performing content. All this helps the agency to come up with a competitive social media strategy that helps you beat the competition.

Screenshot of BuzzSumo Dashboard - one of the tools used by a social media agency Toronto

Screenshot of the BuzzSumo dashboard displaying the average engagement rate by social network. Source: BuzzSumo

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