Just when consumers were getting used to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple will be introducing their newest version of their smartphones. Even though they have not yet revealed the Apple Media event as the launch of the new iPhone, Apple is known for being a creature of habit so it can only mean that September 9th will unveil the newest iPhone 6s or perhaps even 7. According to rumours, Apple will also be revealing the new Apple TV at the media event on September 9th.

The invitation to the media event that will be held on September 9th in San Francisco clearly states that we can get our questions answered by Siri. On the invitation Apple wrote; “ Hey Siri, give us a hint.” However, when asking Siri, the only response we get is that we’ll have to look for the answers deep within ourselves or wait until September 9th.

As consumers are bombarding social media platforms about the expected features on the newest Apple smartphones, we decided to summarize what we can expect.

Expected iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Features

  • The new Apple iPhone is expected to come with a better camera than ever before. The 12-megapixel camera is supposed to rival the same quality as that of a DSLR. The camera will also have a better image signal processor, which means that the quality of the pictures will not be washed out. The camera on the newest smartphone will also support 4k video recording, which would be a first from Apple. For those who are selfie fans, the front-facing camera will come with a flash of white on the screen to create better quality night selfies.
  • The iPhone 6s is also expected to come with a Force Touch Pad, which will allow you to vary the speed while fast-forwarding videos by the amount of pressure you put on the touchpad.
  • The newest iPhone is also expected to come with 2GB RAM. Compared to Android smartphones that now include 3GB or 4GB RAM, Apple had no other choice but to give their consumers the storage that they have been longing for.
  • The newest iPhone will come with iOS 9 installed on it, which will extend the iPhone’s battery life.
  • The newest iPhone size is expected to have a 0.17mm increase in height and 0.25mm increase in thickness. Nothing your pocket will notice when switching to the 6s.
  • The iPhone is also expected to come out with 2 new colours. Word on the street is that the iPhone 6 will now, besides the regular colours silver, gold, and space grey, will also come out with rose gold and pink iPhones.

No Mobile Marketing on The iOS 9

With Apple having sold over 800 million devices last year, you can probably imagine what an impact Apple and their products have made for mobile marketers. The new iPhone and iOS 9 will be beneficial for mobile marketers and the online marketing industry due to the expected new changes. One of the expected benefits for mobile marketers will be that the iOS 9 will be more user-friendly and smaller in space, which will give consumers more space to potentially download other apps. The iOS 9 will also allow app makers to deep link, which means that instead of linking the user to a safari page, the user can now be guided to another page on the app. While some aspects of the new iOS 9 software are beneficial, Apple is also planning to add an extension that will block ads on to their mobile devices. The new ad-blocker will not block ads within apps, but will block content, images, and cookies from web pages. The ad-blocker extension will save consumers data and space on their mobile phones but also frustrate publishers who will be losing revenue due to the extension.

Release Date

The newest iPhone with the iOS 9 is expected to be revealed at the media event on September 9th. You can follow the live event on September 9th at 10 a.m. on Apple’s website. The new iPhone is expected to be available for pre-order 2 days after the event on September 11th. The phones are then expected to be on sale a week later.

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