“Focus on the user and all else will follow.” –  Google

This is a question that many Search Engine Marketing companies and its specialists ponder during their days off. Google’s search engine uses a number of different methods to determine which pages are indexed and which ones should be displayed first. Their rankings formula is a secret, but there are always a few things you can do to make your positioning better. These tips may not make your website the first one to appear in the list, but they just may help you move up a little.



Sites with Content Rich Pages

Content is king! When we speak about creating content-rich websites we refer not only to the length of copy (1000+words), but also to the multiple types of content you could be creating. Text is no doubt wonderful for SEO – but there are plenty more web elements that your page can benefit from, and they include photos, videos, podcasts, infographics, charts, SlideShares, and eBooks. You don’t have to fill an entire page with stacks of information, either. Pick two or three components that work well together to make the magic happen.


Sites with Optimized 404 Pages

You thought that 404 pages were bad for your site? In some aspects, it is. A 404 page means that a particular page on your site no longer exists or that the URL has been altered in some way. The older a website is, the higher the chance that it will contain some 404 errors. This might be due to an update with the web design, or by removing some pages that are no longer part of the services and products you offer. Take advantage of this by creating something pleasurable for your website visitor. Include a funny or amusing image, put in some clever play on words, and don’t forget a couple of your internal links to lead your visitors on the right track to conversion.


Sites with a Sitemap Included

A sitemap is a very important document that you need to create for Google to see and read. If your site lacks a sitemap, you need to install one. WordPress users can install the Google Sitemap Generator in order to do that. Otherwise, you can use sites like xml-sitemaps.com to generate one. You’ll need to upload the site map file to the root directory of your site.


Sites with Quality Pages That Impress the Human Readers

Google wants all webmasters to be in the habit of creating quality pages which have certain attributes that human readers like reading. Many webmasters mistakenly focus on those specific attributes rather than the overall quality of the site, essentially not being able to see the forest. Essentially, Google doesn’t want you to fill your pages with poor quality content in hopes of impressing them, nor do they want you to get links from just about anyone who wants to give them to you. Google wants you to build a high quality website.


Sites with Unique and Non-Duplicated Content

The best way to explain why duplicate content is “bad” is to first point out why unique content is good. Unique, non-duplicate content sets you apart from the competition and offers you a competitive advantage. It makes you different. It helps you stand out. Why? Because that content is unique to you and you alone. To prevent others from stealing your content, our digital marketing experts recommend that you personalize your website with content that applies only to you.


Sites that Do Manual Submissions to Search Engines

You should ignore websites that offer their services to submit your website to hundreds of search engines. At best these are wastes of your time or money and at worst they can actually hurt your ranking because Google requires you to do manual submissions.


Sites With Quick Loading Time

Google is now on the lookout for pages that don’t load in 4 seconds or less. And for many users, that’s already 4 seconds too long. A recent study revealed that about 75% of users won’t go back to a site that takes too long to load. Based on this knowledge, it’s important for webmasters to work on their website’s loading speed, as well as its overall layout. Maybe invest in a hosting service that offers 14GB of RAM +.


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