When is the Best Time to Publish Your Blog?

When is the Best Time to Publish Your Blog?

When you are a blogger posting articles on your website, timing is everything. Learning about your audience and when they tune into read your news is a very important aspect of being a successful blogger.

According to studies done by Shareaholic and their digital marketing specialists, 27% of all content should be shared between 8am and 12pm E.S.T. Typically, bloggers will see a spike between 9am and 10am and will then see a decline the rest of the day. Research has also shown that there is a significant spike in sharing at 2pm and 9pm EST.








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It’s important to examine these stats and insights from top researchers in the field because they give us some targets to begin with. Be mindful that every industry is different and readers of one industry will not read content at the same time as readers of another. That being said, it is important to drive your own sharing metrics and traffic numbers to determine the best time to post content onto your site. And remember to monitor and adjust!

If you are a blogger that only posts once or twice a week, we recommend you read our article on the misconceptions of content marketing, because there are many opportunities you could be missing out on. In the meanwhile, while you are proposing the idea to your boss, we recommend that you post on Tuesday or Wednesday because those days traditionally drive the most engagement.

Lesson of the Day:

The most important lesson we would like you to take away from reading this blog is the following: apply common sense to all content marketing tasks you complete. Common sense should dictate the best time to post a blog article. For instance, if your audience is made up predominantly of teachers, the best time to post is either before school or after school hours. Most teachers will not be reading during school hours. If your audience is comprised mainly of commercial business owners, the best times to post are 9am or 5pm. You’ll catch them before they go into meetings and right before they turn off the computer and call it a day.


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